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Full-ceramic vs Metal-ceramic Crowns

What are dental crowns? Crowns are fixed compensations(covers) used to compensate the lost part of the tooth, but also to change the shape and/or the color of the tooth. Whether they are fully or partially made of ceramics, we differentiate metal-ceramic and full-ceramic crowns. Metal-ceramic dental crowns Metal-ceramic crowns have their cover made of ceramics, […]

If you ever wondered what Alveolitis and Canker sores are?

Alveolitis Alveolitis or the inflammation of the alveoli is the most common painful complication after the extraction of a tooth. It can occur as a result of the disintegration of the blood coagulum, and it is manifested with the pain that occurs 24-72 hours after extraction. It usually appears after the removal of gangrenous or […]

Teeth whitening

From the beginning of mankind, people have been striving for the ideal of beauty and youth, keeping it, at least hidden, as a desire up to this day. In our culture, one of the indicators of health and vitality is certainly the whiteness and beauty of a smile. In line with these aspirations, a part […]


Oral Cancer

Cancer in the oral cavity is a dangerous abnormal spot that can occur on any part of the mouth. It is important to notice the first signs that could indicate the risk of this disease. Cancer in the oral cavity can appear as: Ulcer (bubble) that does not heal after three weeks A swelling that […]

Filling of fissures for life without tooth decay

Filling of fissures is used in practice to optimally protect the surface of teeth. This procedure is recommended by dentists in order to prevent the development of tooth decay. It is most commonly used for children because they are most likely to develop decay on teeth. Practical and efficient method The procedure consists mainly of […]

Tooth fracture

The possibility of fracture of jaw or tooth is surprisingly increased today, although oral hygiene has advanced, as well as tooth care, due to which the majority of the population keeps their teeth longer than before. There are several types of tooth damage such as surface cracks, fractures with vertical cracks. Symptoms may vary, for […]

Teeth curetage: why is it important?

What is teeth curetage? This term covers the periodontal curetage done by a dentist. It allows the gums to be fastened with a completely smooth and clean surface of the tooth root. When is teeth curettage applied? Curettage is most commonly associated with gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis, although it can also be […]