Filling of fissures is used in practice to optimally protect the surface of teeth. This procedure is recommended by dentists in order to prevent the development of tooth decay. It is most commonly used for children because they are most likely to develop decay on teeth.

Practical and efficient method

The procedure consists mainly of covering cavities – called fissures – on still healthy tooth, using one type of resin. This process, completely painless, will provide protection and lasting of molars.
Fissure filling is a method that provides high performance in preventing the development of decay on the most exposed teeth to decay due to their location (primarily on teeth hard to reach).

In principle, even before the start of treatment, dentists use clinical examination or even a digital X-ray if needed. That is the only way they can perform a complete check of the state of the teeth. After that, they fill the fissures which lasts up to 5 minutes. This substance serves as a protective layer against cavities. Later, the tooth is cleaned, and the therapy is over. The only discomfort for the patient in this intervention is the need to keep the mouth open for certain time.

The main benefits of filling the fissures

This method has been in use for more than twenty years and has enabled many patients to live without fear of developing decay. Mostly at risk are children 6 years old because they are not fully able to maintain adequate hygiene of teeth. Parents are expected to be extra cautious and dedicated to ensuring tooth wash regularly (at least twice a day) in the right way (at least two minutes). However, adults are not the most reliable here, as many do not maintain adequate personal hygiene of teeth.
And finally, filling of fissures is ideal for both young and old. However, we should be carefull: the effect of the protective layer is not permanent; it is recommended to be controled every two years to check the condition (whether there is degradation or not, whether it still has an effect).

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