Wearing Incognito Hidden Braces is a great way to improve your smile – and they won’t interfere with your lifestyle.

100% customized
to you.


You won’t worry about how you look because Incognito braces can’t be seen.


If your career puts you in front of a camera or a crowd, your braces won’t distract from your appearance or performance.

If you’re in a position of leadership, you can wear Incognito braces and interact with confidence

While dining with friends, you won’t have to remove your trays or worry they’ll see food stuck in your braces.


If you’re considering braces, chances are you’ve spent enough of your life hiding your smile. You are about to discover a completely different way to wear braces.

Incognito Hidden Braces

Are placed behind your teeth, making them invisible. No one will know you’re wearing braces – unless you tell them (and you may want to, just because they won’t believe you).

When compared to other treatment options, only Incognito braces let you enjoy life as if the braces weren’t even there.

Compare your optionsIncognito Hidden BracesTraditional BracesClear aligners
Completely invisible from the outside
Appropriate for most patients
Always on and always working toward your final result
Can eat and drink with them on
Can’t be misplaced or lost
100% customized

Proven by more than 140,000 patients.
We hear all the time how Incognito Hidden Braces saved a wedding day, boosted confidence in a career or just made life better.


…for homecoming and special occasions, it does feel nice knowing that you don’t have to worry about braces on your teeth. – Student 3rd year on faculty of Economics

I guess I was a difficult enough case where Invisy line wouldn’t work. Now I have Incognito braces on. I do a lot of presentation in front of clients. I wish I had done it earlier.– Marija, works in Bank.

…having a really straight Hollywood smile can do a lot for your day-to-day self-esteem, and it certainly has for me. Having all of the work happening ‘incognito’- happening in a hidden way – I worked a ton. – Petar, actor

1) Your orthodontist will take precise scans of your teeth and send them, along with your preliminary prescription, to an Incognito Appliance System laboratory.

2) Models are made from the scans. The lab sends the information to your orthodontist to determine your final prescription.

3) Using advanced computer technology, your Incognito Hidden Braces are created just for you. Each bracket and wire is made to fit your teeth using the unique prescription defined by your orthodontist.

4) Your Incognito Hidden Braces are delivered to your orthodontist for your bonding appointment.


Why Gold?

Brackets are cast in gold for optimum precision and highly polished for comfort.

100% customized
to you.

* Comfortable

* Minimizes tongue irritation

* Eat and drink with them on


Need to fix only the teeth you see?

If you had braces previously but have seen a mild relapse over time, you can have a great smile again – and quickly, when compared to full-braces treatment.

Ask about Incognito Lite Hidden Braces for your treatment.


Dr Nikola Vunjak is licensed orthodontist for Incognito Hidden Braces technique.

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