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Orthodontics implies correcting the position of the tooth in order to obtain a harmonious set of teeth for the benefit of aesthetics and a beautiful smile, but above all for the sake of preserving and optimizing oral health.


For children aged 6 to 9 it is important to visit orthodontist in order to diagnose and detect in time if there is a problem for your child and the need for orthodontic treatment.

The sooner the diagnostic is done, the treatment is shorter, and it will reduce the time for your child’s when feeling uncomfortable.


Adults often ignore their need for orthodontics. Occlusion, contact points, abrasion of teeth – these are all factors that can cause significant problems if they are neglected, not checked and not corrected.

The latest techniques for adults’ jaw orthopedics make significant progress in terms of efficiency, speed, aesthetics and comfort. Today, “invisible” treatments are possible.

We often say

Hide the prosthesis and not the smile

Vunjak tim specialist for orthodontics is certified and licensed by Incognito Linguistic Technique. It involves the production of completely individual golden braces for each tooth. It is at the moment the best linguistic technique in the world.

Important reminder

Think of a regular visit to your dentist, one or more missing teeth are the worsening factors that at one-point lead to the loss of other teeth. It is important that you come to a consultation or schedule an examination for your child with an orthodontist that will establish the right diagnosis and dispose his competencies at your disposal.

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