The possibility of fracture of jaw or tooth is surprisingly increased today, although oral hygiene has advanced, as well as tooth care, due to which the majority of the population keeps their teeth longer than before.

There are several types of tooth damage such as surface cracks, fractures with vertical cracks. Symptoms may vary, for example:

  • Pain during a meal (due to pressure on the teeth)
  • Pain without an obvious cause (at rest)<
  • Difficulties in locating pain
  • Significant sensitivity to warm or cold.


The most serious cause of fracture of jaw is its injury. Trauma after falling (for example, from the impact between teeth or the strike of tooth against any hard surface). Sometimes, however, a fracture occurs on a weakened tooth while consuming food (stones in a poorly washed salad, a walnut shell or a leftover of a bullet in the meat of hunted animals).


Depending on the type of fracture and tissue affected by this fracture, a different treatment will be applied. For some fractures there is no need for treatment, but only for aesthetic intervention (compensation). Other cases require the extraction and replacement of affected teeth. It is then necessary to consider the options of the bridge or implant for repairing of the injury but also for the beauty of the smile.