Alveolitis or the inflammation of the alveoli is the most common painful complication after the extraction of a tooth. It can occur as a result of the disintegration of the blood coagulum, and it is manifested with the pain that occurs 24-72 hours after extraction. It usually appears after the removal of gangrenous or a tooth with pulpitis and in most cases after the removal of the lower wisdom tooth. It more often occurs with men than with women, in spring more often than during seasons. Although the pain itself does not cause serious complications, due to its intensity it disrupts everyday activities of the patient, so it needs to be treated. The therapy implies a curettage of the wound, removal of remaining fragments from disintegrated blood clot in local anesthesia and rinsing and cleaning of the wound. After this treatment, the medication is applied on the wound every day until the pain is eliminated. This creates the conditions for the formation of a new, healthy coagulum and the continuity of the healing process.

Aphthous Ulcers (Canker sores)

They are small, painful ulcers that occur on the tongue or lips and cheeks inside the mouth, most commonly they appear with children or adolescents, but they might occur also later in life. They can be white or yellow colored, framed by a red ring. Called canker sores, they are unpleasant and painful in contact with food and on tongue touch. They are triggered by a drop of the immune system, stress, trauma during tooth brushing, lack of vitamin B, during the monthly period with woman, and by anemia. In most cases, they size couple of millimeters, shaped oval or round, and could be healed in 7 to 10 days. They appear both individually and in groups and tend to reappear. Canker Sores could be treated only with Chamomile or Salvia tea or with medical treatment recommended by your dentist. If it takes more than two weeks to heal, it is necessary to seek professional opinion. In some cases, we could be confused by the appearance of the fistule, but unlike the canker sores, the fistula is not painful and represents the sign of the tooth infection that needs to be treated.

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Canker sores