From the beginning of mankind, people have been striving for the ideal of beauty and youth, keeping it, at least hidden, as a desire up to this day. In our culture, one of the indicators of health and vitality is certainly the whiteness and beauty of a smile. In line with these aspirations, a part of dentistry is specialized and devoted to aesthetics. After achieving maximum in terms of function and rehabilitation, today’s dentistry evolves and achieves superior aesthetic performance.

There are different methods to achieve a more beautiful, lighter and more harmonious appearance of teeth. The method that is most commonly used and that gives the fastest and obvious results is tooth bleaching or whitening. Even though there has passed more than a hundred years since the first teeth whitening attempts, many questions still arise: Is it possible? Does it damage my teeth? Is it safe? How long does the effect lasts?

After many years of experience, we can professionally claim that teeth whitening is a safe, minimally invasive procedure, which, with occasional renewal, achieves top results. Despite the advertised home-bleaching products, the best effects and maximum safety are achieved with bleaching supervised and monitored by a dentist.

In “Vunjak team” dental clinic we use market proved products of reputable German manufacturers.

What does the procedure look like?

Your dentist will first talk to you about your expectations, define the current and the targeted teeth color. After examining your teeth and gums, the dentist will determine which bleaching technique is optimal for you. No matter which technique is applied, periodontal preparation is necessary. In case there are no current periodontal problems (gum defects), this involves only the removal of dental plaque and pigments by an ultrasound device, as well as polishing teeth.

The teeth whitening treatment can be carried out exclusively in medical conditions (in “Vunjak team” dental clinic) or in combination, at home.

Ordinary tooth whitening is achieved by using high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in gel, which is activated by using light, heat, laser or chemicals.

The procedure implies:

  • Ensuring the protection of surrounding gums from the reaction on chemical components.
  • Application of the chemicals to the surfaces of the teeth we want to blush, three times in 15 minutes.

The total duration of the treatment is one hour.

Avital teeth (teeth with extracted nerve) are prone to greying, and some patients are interested in bleaching exclusively one tooth of that kind. Then we use the so-called “Internal” tooth whitening technique, when a bleaching chemical is applied in the dental channel itself.

Combined, at home method, in 5 to 10 days provides gradual whitening of vital teeth. High-quality gels are used, based on carbamide peroxide concentration of 10-22%.

The gel is applied in a small volume in individually made foils the patient wears at night, while sleeping. Since the foil is made of fine soft plastic and precisely fits on the surface of teeth, its wearing is comfortable and allows smooth sleep. The dentist prescribes which gel concentration will be used, as well as how much nights it is necessary to be applied in order to get the best possible results from the treatment.

The procedure is simple and it is implemented in several steps:

  • Taking a foil print film, determining the existing and target teeth color
  • Delivering foil and gel to a patient with detailed training and advice on the usage
  • Control at the end of the agreed treatment

In a small percentage of patients, hypersensitivity may occur couple of days after starting this treatment. They can be advised to gradually adjust by applying the treatment slowly, one hour during day (instead overnight), then every second day for one hour more. Another option is to alternately wear a bleach gel film one night, and the next night with some of the fluorine-based preparations that further strengthen the tooth.

Teeth whitening is a quick, effective and safe method that contributes to a beautiful smile, hence improves our self-satisfaction and self-confidence.

If you feel that your teeth need bleaching, contact your dentist.

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