In the world, one in six people carry partial or total dental compensation. Thanks to new techniques and new materials, this is no longer noticed even when a person laughs.

Namely, wearing dental compensations positively influences people: they grow their self-esteem, they are better expressed and feel better in their skin. However, it is important to know how to adapt quickly when star carrying a replacement. During these early days, patients have increased salivary secretion and have the feeling that their compensation is too large (bulky) and it squeezes them.

Luckily, this feeling lasts only a few days if we know and believe that we will adapt quickly. The first and most common mistake is to stop wearing (when it’s removable). Namely, each such move only postpones and extends the period of adaptation. The key is to decide to permanently wear your dental compensation.

How to get used to your dental compensation

If you feel pain in certain parts of the gums, this can be the result of poorly positioned dental compensation. Your dentist can adjust your compensation to make it more comfortable to wear.

If you have difficulty speaking, it is necessary to practice the correct pronunciation with a dental compensation. To this end, take a few minutes each day to loudly speak in front of the mirror. This will force your mouth to adjust more quickly. In connection with the difficulty of eating, start eating lightly, small bites. In this way, your fork will gradually become used to chewing with dental compensation.

If with these tips, you still have problems with your teeth, you should contact your dentist. He could adjust your dental compensation. You, on the other hand must maintain good oral hygiene for the health of your natural teeth, but also for the longelasting of your dental compensation.