Since they consist of several types of metals and other substances, dental compensation can sometimes cause allergic reactions for a certain number of patients.

The most common symptoms

Some of the materials used to make dental compensation contain nickel. Since it belongs to the order of common allergens, an allergic reaction may occur.

The most common symptoms are gum flushing, rash, dry mouth, inflammation of the skin around the mouth, gingivitis and itching. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately contact your dentist.

Replacement of the tooth to avoid alergies

If you are suspected of allergies, you need consultations from a dentist from one and allergist on the other side, in order to find the best solution for this complex situation.

Modern technology has made it possible to make dental compensations from anti allergic materials such as titanium, gold, platinum, composite materials, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact your dentist for more information on this topic.