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Fear of dentist, why it happens, and how to overcome it?

Fear of pain is inherent to man. It’s a kind of protection mechanism. A dental fear or dentofobia is an exaggerated fear of exposure to dental intervention. This is a situation that most often leads to poor oral health. WHY THAT FEAR? The reasons for fear of a dentist can be divided into two categories: […]

Care of your pet

Care: what products are used for care of household pets? Pets, like humans, require regular dental care. Considering there are no specialized dentists for pets in Serbia, it is important that you take care of the oral health of your pet yourself. You could ask for the advice your veterinarian to get acquainted with the […]

Non – prep veneers

Veneers are the latest inovation in aesthetic dentistry and completely painless procedure of beautifying and improving your smile. Considering the positive psychological effect on the environment and the contribution to personal satisfaction, they are also one of the best investments in the quality of life available to you. Veneers can be made of composite or […]

Prosthetics and allergy: what should you know?

Since they consist of several types of metals and other substances, dental compensation can sometimes cause allergic reactions for a certain number of patients. The most common symptoms Some of the materials used to make dental compensation contain nickel. Since it belongs to the order of common allergens, an allergic reaction may occur. The most […]

Quick accommodation to dental compensations

In the world, one in six people carry partial or total dental compensation. Thanks to new techniques and new materials, this is no longer noticed even when a person laughs. Namely, wearing dental compensations positively influences people: they grow their self-esteem, they are better expressed and feel better in their skin. However, it is important […]

Dental implants: is there a risk of rejection?

Dental implants are an innovative solution that is increasingly used in modern dentistry. Their use in reconstructing dental sequences and improving smile is often the best choice. Implant placement requires a detailed plan, basic preparation, and advanced technique to achieve a flawless result. However, there is still a small risk of implant rejection. Why choose […]

How to establish a good bite?

Expertly speaking, we are talking about dental occlusion. Today there are many solutions for this type of problem. Dental occlusion problems The term dental occlusion is used to indicate the position of the upper teeth in relation to the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. When we notice irregularities in the position of the […]

Dental scanners – Orthopan & 3D Orthopan

What is an Orthopan? Orthopan is a X-ray snapshot that is completely irreplaceable in dentistry for decades. This is a recording of solid dental tissues and bones as well as a recording of existing cavities (sinuses, nasal cavity). That shot is done by an orthopantomograph. On it a dentist can see caries of teeth, bone […]

Orthodontion: Solution For Adults Too

Orthodontion & Adults There is no upper limit in age to wear braces. Regardless it is most often worn by children and youngsters, there is not a single rule that prevents adults from wearing it. Adults are even entitled to all the benefits that this technique provides, which is to set the teeth to the […]