Fear of pain is inherent to man. It’s a kind of protection mechanism. A dental fear or dentofobia is an exaggerated fear of exposure to dental intervention. This is a situation that most often leads to poor oral health.


The reasons for fear of a dentist can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect experiences.
Dentofobia can be caused by a bad experience that a patient has experienced in some time in life with a dentist. Poorly performed dental treatment, insensitivity and lack of interest by a dentist can lead to traumas that are hard to forget.
For indirect causes of dentofobia, knowledge about the poor experiences of own relatives with their dentist or negative information related to dentistry in general is linked. Finally, a particular stimulus can develop fear from the dentist. For example, due to a poor medical (hospital) experience in a context that has nothing to do with dental care, the patient develops dentofobia. As a result, there is a fear of white coat, from the smell of antiseptics, the sound of the turbine, etc.


Dentofobia can be treated after determining its cause. We can remind of different solutions. It is possible to contact a psychotherapist or a psychologist. Then, it is possible to calm the patient wuth sedatives (sedation by medical therapy). Curing through hypnotherapy is possible prior to dental intervention. This is a gentle method by which the patient develops confidence in the dentist. Vunjak team has knowledge in this field and you can contact us for necessary consultations.