Orthodontion & Adults

There is no upper limit in age to wear braces. Regardless it is most often worn by children and youngsters, there is not a single rule that prevents adults from wearing it. Adults are even entitled to all the benefits that this technique provides, which is to set the teeth to the right place. And especially now that there are invisible braces, like INCOGNITO technique.

Advantages of ortodontions for adults

Orthodontic therapy may be painful in certain moments, although pain is generally negligible. When taking into account all the benefit of orthodontics in aesthetics of adults, this pain is acceptable. By deciding to carry braces we become sure that we will have alined teeth and a beautiful smile. Therefore, the one waring braces begins to appreciate his physical appearance and grows his self-esteem. Even a beautiful smile gives the impression of a better dental health and improves the quality of life. This therapy stabilizes the dental line and harmonizes inter-fork relations. It is for sure normal to feel uncomfortable when wearing braces at the beginning: when consuming food or pronouncing certain words, hence it is quick and easy to adjust.